Speaking of “MR-G”, the flagship of the G-SHOCK brand (flagship), a high-quality full metal exterior backed by conceptual craftsmanship and beauty is an identity. To such MR-G, model, “MRG-G2000R” wearing a newly developed resin band first appeared.

The base model is “MRG-G 2000”. GPS Hybrid It is a model equipped with Connected Engine 3 Way, which has a mobile link function with radio solar and smartphone application.

Even if it says a resin band, there is a flagship brand there. According to the staff at the exhibition section, “Quality judged to be usable for MR-G, even if it is made of resin.” The material is fluorine rubber, which is adopted for G-SHOCK for the first time. It achieves moderate suppleness and good touch, and high durability.

On the surface is inscribed a pattern called “VISAMATO Tortoise” as seen in the armor of Bishamonten. The traditional expression of the Japanese equivalent of MR – G makes me feel the strength and spiritual nobility of the Buddhist who protect Buddhism.

The part of the lug connecting the main case and the band is a new mechanism that takes vibration resistance into account. I am using “L / R – Δ (Eruard Delta) lock” jointly developed with “NejiLaw” famous for “loose screw”. Three foldable buckle, forged cutting solid titanium goods, it is simple but luxurious full-bodied feeling.