A variety of new watches released by Casio at BASELWORLD 2019. At the Casio booth, I was able to see the new works of interest quickly. Here, let’s introduce the basel special model “MRG-G2000GA” of G-SHOCK’s highest peak “MR-G”, which can be considered an annual basis, focusing on photographs of actual machines. MRG-G2000GA is scheduled to be released for 300 worldwide, in Japan in July 2019 for 800,000 yen (excluding tax).

In recent years, the BASEL special of G-SHOCK MR-G has become a big concept the fusion of Japanese tradition and “G-SHOCK” (toughness, advanced technology). The MRG-G2000GA in 2019, the theme is “Japanese sword” following the 2018 BASEL Special (MRG-G2000HA) .

The soul in MRG-G2000GA is “Tsukiyama” GASSAN “in Nara Prefecture (Tsukiyama Japanese Sword Training Academy). The sixth generation Mr. Atsushi Tsukiyama has finished manually each piece of the belt of the MRG-G2000GA.