Hammer from Japan is a manual process by the ancient culture, the early mainly used in the production of thin and strong fine bronze, each hammer, each under the handicrafts and bronze on a between art Dialogue, and each piece of equipment is unique in the world there. Casio G-SHOCK focus on the traditional technology from generation to generation and the combination of current technology, and innovative hammer from the process into the watch design, creating a hall-level fine watch “hammer” series. January 1, 2017, the second generation of “hammer” table MRG-G1000HG will be available for sale.

Hammer is unique because of the craftsmanship of people over the years honed out of the production skills, fine percussion to create a unique pattern of bronze surface, the perfect combination of force and beauty, gorgeous very. G-SHOCK “hammer” series is also true, every piece of the watch is a continuation of art, totally natural, to create a G-SHOCK high-end watch a back to nature of the gorgeous content.