Casio Computer, collaboration model with Kobe City fire department rescue team celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018, from the shock watch “G – SHOCK” keep pursuing toughness ” GW – B 5600 FB on December 7 I will do.

Since the establishment of the rescue team (Rescue Corps) of the Kobe City fire department under the name of “firefighting rescue team” in 1968, we have kept the streets, mountains and oceans in Kobe for half a century. Since “G – SHOCK” has a common point of pursuing toughness under harsh environments, in collaboration model “GW – 9400 FBJ” released in July 2015. This time with the Kobe City Fire Department will be the second tie-up.

This time we introduce ” GW – B 5600 FB ” was designed with the full cooperation of Kobe City Fire Department. Image of fire protection clothing worn by full-time rescue team / special altitude rescue team, orange for base color, navy for color part of dial plate and band design part, reflective material for fire protection cloth on backside of band I used the imaged vivid yellow. For the band, we designed the rope necessary for the rescue team, the back cover and the free ring, we gave the fire department of the Kobe City Fire Department. When the backlight is lit, an illustration with a motif and a carabiner motif is emerging.

The base model adopts “GW – B 5600” equipped with Bluetooth ® communication function and standard radio wave reception function in a compact square case . In order to reduce the weight, we used titanium for the back lid, the ring ring, and the beautiful tablet. In cooperation with the special application “G – SHOCK Connected”, in addition to various clock settings such as alarm and timer, record the time and place data at that time on the application map with one push, and manage the action record I can.

In the exterior box of the exclusive package, we adopted the red which imaged the fire engine, the white which imaged the helmet in the inner box. I treated the eagle (hawk) logo of the Kobe City fire department rescue team and expressed the attitude of the rescue team that “I need a rescuer with sharp eyes and never let go of it once I grab it.” To express the hot feelings and pride of the members, it is a special model sticking to the design up to every detail.