Fullmetal Origin “GMW-B 5000” which made a shocking debut at the new product release meeting in the spring, summer of 2018 last time . Noteworthy was the fact that the Connected Engine 2 Way, which acquires the time with the standard radio wave corresponding to multiband 6 and the mobile link function, was also installed, not to mention the impact of metallic exterior.

And finally, “GW – B 5600” series which made the exterior made of resin, as it is with time acquisition system & tough solar specification (including application cooperation) of this GWM – B 5600 will appear.

The image of the whole body is unified in black. Three models of black (GW – B 5600 BC – 1 BJF), gold (GW – B 5600 BC – 1 JF), and blue (GW – B 5600 – 2 JF) are available as color variations of the dial. For gold dial models only normal liquid crystal, the other two models will be inverted liquid crystal.

GW-B 5600 BC (black dial and gold dial model) adopts a new structure composite band. Combination of outer frame with metal parts embedded in fine resin and middle piece made of fine resin realizes light comfortable wearing, high durability which is hard to hydrolyze, glossy texture which can be seen at first glance in metal band. In addition, GW – B 5600 (model of blue dial) comes with regular urethane band. The price is GW – B 5600 BC is 26,000 yen, GW – B 5600 is 21,000 yen. It will be released in October.