From the G – SHOCK pursuing toughness and evolving, the 2018 model of the popular series “FIRE PACKAGE (fire package)” for people who challenge new fields and the world appeared from G – SHOCK.

We adopted the digital display GW – 2310 as the base model. Based on black, the stainless steel bezel part was black IP treated, finished in a cool design with fearless. Also color orange as accent color. I express my feelings filled with hope to cope with new fields, superimposed on the color that means light shining sun and sociability.
In addition, we prepare special packages and are also ideal for gifts to people who are entering new life. Also equipped with multiband 6 and tough solar that correspond to the standard radio wave of 6 stations of the world with practicality also, it supports active lifestyle.
It is the appearance of the Fire Package 2018 model that entrusted toughness spirit to New Challenge to face a new challenge.