While inheriting classic elements, there is newness, KANDYTOWN attracting attention regardless of generations and genres. Not only the music side but
also the world view including the visuals they have aesthetics They met G – SHOCK tracing back to the time of junior high school days.
“Would you wanted to fashionable if you. First I was in his hand was a G-SHOCK. Casual Do the sporty
time is attractive, I feel that is attached to comfort was good.” (YOUNG JUJU)
“It is the first time you got an owner from a cousin’s older brother.It’s the navy guy of the digital board.The G-STEEL
you got today is quite different from the image at that time.The luxurious feeling with metallic Although there are young girls wearing themselves, they do not feel like it. (RYOHU)
“Because there is a presence, manlyness seems to stand out if you wear it.The image was betrayed in a good way.” (YOUNG JUJU)

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