A new color appears in G-STEEL “GST-B100”, which features a full analog face that adopts a unique screw needle disk needle and full application cooperation with a mobile link function.

“GST-B100G-2AJF” (56,000 yen) which arranged blue index parts in the gold IP case and “GST-B100XB-B” which is a gorgeous and high-performance specification adopting carbon bezel and sapphire glass for the case of blue IP 2AJF “(85,000 yen), both bands are newly designed thick urethane band. At first glance, in addition to the look of sporty patterns that are regarded as carbon, we are also pursuing a comfort in notch.

Also included in the SS case of Silver is a new color blue dial, SS band “GST – B100D – 2AJF” (50,000 yen) also lineup. For both models, the performance and specifications other than the above are the same as “GST-B100”. All scheduled to be released in November.