The new GRAVITYMASTER comes in 3 colorways, GRB100-1A2 features a blue two-tone layered band of black and blue with a blue IP bezel, the GRB100-1A3 features a black and green layered band with a gray IP bezel, and the GRB100-1A4 has a black and orange band with a rose gold IP bezel. Using Bluetooth®, the watch connects to the G-SHOCK Connected smartphone app to keep accurate time, including adjusting for daylight saving time and changes in time zones. One new feature of the GR-B100 is a countdown alarm that can count down to a specified date and time, rather than just time, with the ability to label the event.

GR-B100 has as many as six buttons: four classic ones [on the sides], one responsible for the connection with the phone and one more, responsible for the backlight. In general, this is a significant amount, which, once again, indicates the strong functional part of this series. An important point: the metal buttons stick out a bit too far, which looks kind of unusual but is very convenient in use. — Read full and detailed review: GR-B100-1A3 – A new generation of aviators with route logging.

The countdown to each event can be displayed on the watch down to the exact second, for detailed time management. The watch also has a flight log function for recording time and location data, with the ability to examine points and routes flown on a map from within the app.