Adopting a large hour hand and index to improve visibility. It also has a countdown alarm that sets up to five flight schedules and displays the remaining time until the scheduled time in seconds on the watch. It is possible to confirm these information instantaneously by a large-sized LCD which imaged the glass cockpit which is adopted in the latest aircraft and passenger aircraft. In addition, the role of each button is distributed by the structure of the total of 6 keys including the side 5 key and the front right key, contributing to the improvement of operability.
In the exterior design, the image of the state-of-the-art high-tech aircraft is imaged by G-SHOCK’s first 7 × 33 dot display large LCD and multifaceted metal bezel IP processed. In addition, the two-color forming band also enhances fashionability.

GR-B100 has as many as six buttons: four classic ones [on the sides], one responsible for the connection with the phone and one more, responsible for the backlight. In general, this is a significant amount, which, once again, indicates the strong functional part of this series. An important point: the metal buttons stick out a bit too far, which looks kind of unusual but is very convenient in use. — Read full and detailed review: GR-B100-1A3 – A new generation of aviators with route logging.

On the functional side, it is equipped with “Connected engine” which supports time correction by Bluetooth® connection. Connect with smartphone via Bluetooth® communication function, connect with the special application “G – SHOCK Connected * “, manage and save the travel distance and travel time record of the flying mission by the countdown alarm setting and the flight log by the point memory function It is possible. Also, in order to improve the accuracy of time correction, time information can be acquired from the time server on the Internet and time can be adjusted, and easy setting such as world time · timer · alarm is also provided.
In addition to these smartphone link functions, practical functions such as high brightness full auto double LED light, world time and stopwatch can be driven stably by Casio’s proprietary power-saving technology tough solar.
It is the emergence of the further advanced Gravity Master GR – B 100 series, such as the installation of a new module that enhances visibility for aviation watches and improved practicality.