Among the G – SHOCKs, “RANGENAN (Range Man)” which holds the ultimate survival toughness. The latest series “GPR-B1000” released in March, 2018 is a model equipped with GPS navigation function in addition to measurement of direction, pressure, altitude, temperature. Although we probably will not use it in a survival environment, it is quite interesting to use it in everyday life. So, I went to “GPR – B1000” to check the usability of GPS Navi and took a walk around the city of Tokyo.

“GPR-B1000” can also use various functions such as altitude and temperature measurement, point memory that can record information on the current location only on the main body, but by using the dedicated application “G-SHOCK Connected”, a wider range of enjoyment Be expanded. For example, the GPS function, which is also one of the features of this model, can set more detailed destinations by using dedicated applications. By first selecting a destination on the map on the application and then transferring the data to the main body, the direction to the destination is indicated by an arrow on the liquid crystal panel of the wristwatch. Not only the goal point but also up to nine intermediate points can be set, so if you register delicious eating places and an interesting cafe, you can plan a route assuming a way-back.

The altimeter installed in the “GPR – B1000” is a relative altimeter that calculates the altitude difference from the pressure differential, and it corresponds to -700 m to 10,000 m. When measuring the altitude at the top of the mountain, it was a display of 60 m, but if you set the altitude of the watch to 0 at the point of 0 m above sea level, you can make more accurate measurements. However, since it is “walking” to the last, it may be just as good as enjoying the difference in altitude before climbing and after climbing.