Casio showcased the latest model “GPR-B1000” of the shock-resistant watch “G-SHOCK RANGEMAN” (Rangemen) series at “CES 2018” in Las Vegas, USA. It is the smart model that supports GPS navigation for the first time as a G – SHOCK series and also supports smartphone linkage. It will be released in the United States and abroad on and after March.

The new RANGEMAN is a concept of “survival / toughness” that resists low-temperature, 20 atm waterproof, dustproof / muddy design and tough environments up to -20 ° C in the impact resistant structure. Moreover, if you pair with the dedicated application “G – Shock Connected” compatible with Android / iOS with Bluetooth, it is also close to smart watch. For example, you can quickly perform the setting of the main body by pressing the main body button tightly with the touch operation.

In addition to being able to display the current location and the direction of the destination on the route in real time by using the GPS navigation function, it can be used as a way guide, and in order to memorize the route that passed automatically, when you want to return to the departure point, set the route from the outward route information it can. Also equipped with a “point memory function” (up to 60 points) that can record information such as latitude, longitude, altitude, atmospheric pressure, temperature just by pressing the button on the main unit. Using the application’s G-Shock Connected, you can display the picture taken with the smartphone and the point information together in the timeline.

The main screen was monochrome liquid crystal with emphasis on power saving design. The material of the back panel adopts a 2 mm thick ceramic panel in order to perform wireless charging efficiently without lowering the radio wave sensitivity of the GPS. Touch operation is not supported. It followed the style of an orthodox analog clock operated with buttons and crown (crown) provided on the left and right sides of the bezel.