Basel, March 20, 2019 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today the latest addition to the MUDMASTER series of G-SHOCK brand shock-resistant watches. The MUDMASTER series is designed for harsh land environments, and the new GG-B100 features an all-new Carbon Core Guard structure that employs carbon-fiber reinforced materials in the case.

The MUDMASTER is a part of the Master of G series designed for use in the most extreme conditions, with a dust- and mud-resistant structure that can withstand harsh land environments.

The newly developed Carbon Core Guard structure employs lightweight and rigid carbon-fiber reinforced materials in the case. The bezel also uses carbon for increased toughness. This new dust- and mud-resistant structure employs a filter inserted between the case and buttons to keep dirt out, ensuring a good seal without using metal button pipes.

The GG-B100 is equipped with features that support land missions by linking the sensors to a dedicated app. The watch has quad sensor: the four sensors detect compass bearing, measure atmospheric pressure/altitude, and gauge temperature, and the accelerometer counts steps. In addition to tracking changes in the natural environment, the watch can be linked with the dedicated app to easily grasp details of the activity history, such as calculating the calories burned from the ascent/descent based on the altitude and step count data. The watch automatically adjusts the time via a paired smartphone, and a mission log function automatically records a track to the dedicated app based on altitude data from the watch and GPS data from the smartphone. A location indicator function displays the compass bearing direction and distance to a user-designated destination.

With its new construction and advanced features, the GG-B100 is a G-SHOCK ready to support the toughest missions in harsh conditions.