The base model of Fukuroku that brings happiness and wealth and longevity is “G – SQUAD” from G – SHOCK ‘s new sports category “GBD – 800”. Mobile link function with smartphone application, calorie calculation, stopwatch calculation data log function, step counting (with target achievement rate graphic display function) etc are installed. Fukuroku that brings longevity is a model that must be said to be exactly right.

On the top and bottom of the band attachment part are the crane and turtle which are symbols of longevity, and graphics of Shochiku Meizu which is indispensable for celebrations are printed on the band. In addition, the three stars drawn in a double ring ring represent Samsung of Fukuishi, Hikaru, and Kotobuki, and they talk about the origin of Fukuroku Kotobuki who is said to deified to these. An EL graphic that emerges when the backlight is lit is “K”. Other functions and specifications are the same as those of the base model. It was 18,500 yen and released in March, 2019.