New model of G – SQUAD ※ 1 of the sports line of G – SHOCK appeared.

This time, it is a specification which searched for visibility and operability in more sports scenes with digital display segmented into many. It is easy to check everyday activities such as simultaneous display of measurement information and time information etc on each liquid crystal with the LCD divided into upper, middle, lower and upper right windows.
In terms of design, it adopts a vivid color so that it can be enjoyed as sports fashion. We treat colors used for sportswear and running shoes, and we have given color to enjoy sports with the arrival of early autumn. In addition, the front button of the metal material ※ 2 and the dial with vapor deposition expressed a vivid accent color.
In terms of functionality, in cooperation with the dedicated application “G – SHOCK Connected”, assist individual activities with functions suitable for workout. It is useful for everyday health management, maintenance of physical strength such as maximum number of pedometers with 3 axis acceleration sensor, multitimer with maximum 5 × 20 sets, maximum 200 lap memory. In addition, it is possible to create a training menu quickly, such as step log with 5-step exercise strength, calorie calculation and target step count setting, timer menu creation + transfer, stopwatch measurement data storage, data collective confirmation, etc. by application cooperation, You can enjoy. We also pursue the inherent value of the clock such as automatic time adjustment by application cooperation and also have practicality such as auto LED light which is useful for workout in the dark.
To improve the mountability, we provided a back wing at the root of the back of the band, and prevention of displacement due to a new shape of ring ring, so we made a number of band holes so that fine adjustment of fitting can be made. With this, delicate adjustment of size is possible.
The new model of G – SQUAD which is active in the sports scene, including the sports scene, is emerging with the mid – size design suitable for running and training, through cooperation of Bluetooth ® communication function and special application.