The summer version of 2018 appeared from the sports line G – LIDE of G – SHOCK which received support from the top athlete of the world ‘s extreme sports and supports it.

For the base model, select the big case GAX – 100 with analog tied graph that you can confirm the information that you need sensually. Designed with a motif color used for wet suits and surfboards.
GAX – 100 CSA and GAX – 100 CSB stuck to the visibility by analogue adopt dusty pastel inspired from the coloring found on surfboards. The three colors of dusky blue, pink, and green were lineuped, finished in a calm atmosphere with compatibility with various colors as compared with the primary colors. Index, hour hands and hands treated with white, providing visibility as well as summer-like refreshment.
On the functional side, it is equipped with a tied graph which is the mast function of the surfer. The GAX – 100 adopts the analog tide graph by inward on the 10 o’clock side, and can grasp the tide sensuously. Moon data, temperature measurement function is also equipped and support riding. It is a lineup that can be selected according to various surfing styles.
Supported by the world’s top surfer, New G-LIDE 2018 summer model which is active in extreme sports is emergence.