The world’s first shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches was born in 1983, G-SHOCK long-term commitment to street culture, and sports, music, fashion, art, street has close links, and more, designers collaborate with artists from around the world, constantly innovative breakthroughs, new inspiration inspire each other, on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the birth of the brand, G-SHOCK launched a new heavy masterpiece, join Singapore graffiti artist JAHAN, the ancient Chinese legend – the four gods of power injected watches, four gods – Dragon, White tiger, Suzaku, basaltic in China can be traced back to the origin of the 2nd century BC, the gods have advocated each corresponding to a different direction, stars, season, color and character, the artist JAHAN from four gods immortal god, we found Consistent with G-SHOCK’s spirit, TOUGHNESS is a time-shifting, always perseverant, and inspired by the four gods. It perfectly integrates the trend culture with Chinese traditional culture.