In addition to warm-up, clothing accessories on the basic plate of course to care. The choice of bristle hat, as well as with Windstopper or Gore-Tex coat, can make the body to bring heat, wind and even waterproof effect. That accessories on it? Skateboarders who love the G-SHOCK series of table models also have their reasons. The Wu Jingzhi wear G-SHOCK GA-700 new series of watches, not only applied to the CASIO new rubber molding technology, so that the overall effect of metallic eye-catching, the professional, ultra-Tough impact structure is also subject to natural skateboarding Those who love.

Which skateboard park is recommended by skateboards? Wu Jingzhi also did not hide the “Simon United Hospital entrance”, “Taipei Station Square” and “under the bridge” and so on. He added: “Nangang extreme stadium has been renovated before the good, there is the middle of the night zone of Xinyi District, slippery is also very comfortable.” Weekdays skaters who can wear eye-catching and practical G-SHOCK GA-700 Series table To the major skateboard park to enjoy the fun of skateboarding.