G-SHOCK Singapore visual artist JAHAN LOH
with mysterious Chinese cloud camouflage carved out ancient Chinese mythology – God of the Four Gods
Oriental God – Tsing Lung debut Taiwan 2/16 officially on sale
The world’s first shock-resistant watch G-SHOCK was born in 1983, G-SHOCK has long been committed to the streets of culture, and sports, music, fashion, art, street has a close link, but also with the rest of the world artists, designers continue Innovation breakthrough, inspire each other a new inspiration, just in the brand’s 35th anniversary of the occasion, G-SHOCK launched a new heavyweight masterpiece during the Spring Festival, hand in hand with Singapore graffiti artist JAHAN, ancient Chinese legend – the power of the four gods into the watch, Inspired by the four gods in Chinese mythology – Qinglong, Baihu, Suzaku, and Xuanwu, this series combines the trendy culture with the traditional Chinese culture perfectly.

God of the Quartet tough North-South things and G-SHOCK absolute tough TOUGHNESS spirit coincide
The four gods – the dragon, the white tiger, the rosefinch, the basaltic origin in China can be traced back to the 2nd century bc. Each deity dominates the different directions, stars, seasons, colors and virtues. The artist JAHAN, from the immortal god of the four gods , Found G-SHOCK coincides with the spirit-TOUGHNESS, any time shift, always gritty. In the East, the Green Dragon rejuvenates all things in the spring, bringing wealth and good fortune. In the south, the Suzaku lightens the summer season, giving it infinite energy and good fortune this season. In the West, the White Tiger serves as a god of war to defeat evil spirits , In the fall to bring rich harvest; in the north, basaltic charge of water and ice, in charge of winter, the place, all things frozen. Inspired by the four gods, JAHAN creates a Chinese camouflage style that possesses ancient myths and mysterious atmosphere, symbolizing the spirit of the Four Gods as a complete re-engraved G-SHOCK watch, and will represent the colors of the East classic blue, white, Zhu, mysterious (Listed in April), GA-700CG-7A (listed in March), GAW-100CG-4A (listed in April) in the order of more stylish blue, white, red and black. , GA-800CG-1A (available in May).

God of the East – Qinglong debut in 2018 spring
The first of the four gods listed for the god of the Orient – Qinglong series, the dragon represents the season is the spring, in charge of Tianlei, spring rebirth of all things. JAHAN draws nutrients from the ancient Chinese mythology, the mysterious design of the Chinese cloud camouflage models, GA-500CG-2A watch the overall blue line-based, and bezel rim, the whole point scale, the pointer and the six Large buttons in the direction of the bell utilize the pink design and in particular hide the dragon’s totem in the meantime, showing the dragon flying in China’s cloud camouflage appearance, while the surface is engraved with dragon and JAHAN signature, with a special special tin and Packaging, unique collection value. GA-500CG-2A function, in addition to G-SHOCK consistent impact-resistant structure, a large button at six o’clock, you can quickly start or stop the stopwatch function, fan-shaped multi-purpose retrograde pointer and liquid crystal display, And in particular the use of dual-coil motor, the function of the table to switch the operation of a more fluid, in addition to G-SHOCK existing waterproof 200 meters, but also equipped with 1/100 second chronograph, countdown timer, world time, Table specifically with the alarm time target alarm.

Artist JAHAN Re-engages G-SHOCK Avant-Garde Street Culture and Chinese Traditional Culture Perfectly Merge
JAHAN LOH, one of Singapore’s leading visual artists, opened its first collaboration with G-Shock in 2014. JAHAN said he himself is a G-SHOCK enthusiast and has followed from the first G-SHOCK, And every time the cooperation, G-SHOCK never limit their ideas, let the designer completely release creative desire. The Four Gods series originated from an abstract idea, is it possible to avant-garde street culture and traditional Chinese culture together? In ancient Chinese mythology JAHAN found the inspiration and answers.