The “GA-2000”, which is already on the market, is also a carbon core guard structure that protects the case of the carbon fiber-filled fine resin with the bezel and double back lid by sandwiching the movement module.

Thanks to the double back cover, the impact on the back of the watch is greatly mitigated, and for the first time with G-SHOCK, we have realized the wearing of a flat band where the watch can be placed flat. This flat band is equipped with a slide lever and can be easily attached to and detached from the watch body. In addition, it is a model with many highlights, although it has a popular price range, such as a screw-shaped mode needle at 9 o’clock and a needle retraction function.

A new color appears on this GA-2000. Three colors with a military taste theme, navy (GA-2000-2 AJF), ​​olive (GA-2000-3 AJF), ​​and khaki (GA-2000-5 AJF) are released in April for 16,000 yen each. Furthermore, in June, two simple monotone colors that are easy to match various exchange bands also appear. Both black (GA-2000S-1AJF) and white (GA-2000S-7AJF) are 15,000 yen each.