Since its birth in 1983, special collaboration “G – SHOCK x A $ AP Ferg collaboration model” has appeared from G – SHOCK pursuing toughness and evolving.

His greatest support in the world’s lap scene, HIPHOP’s top artist, “A $ AP Ferg”, which is proud of its popularity, created a collaboration model stuck with innovative ideas and creatives. For the base model, choose the GA-110 that gets popularity globally, the body, the band is composed of clear skeleton, the multicolor of blue, red and yellow on the dial plate accentuates. With the engraved on the back cover, the logo entered the logo of “Ferg” printed in lime green, has become a fashionable and cool finish.
In addition, the special box of the design inspired from the jewelry box is suitable for special models, finished with a thorough commitment.
It is the emergence of a special collaboration model that combines the spirit of the world’s top artists who continually express the unbelieving beliefs and the pursuit of the insatiable toughness of G-SHOCK.