From a watch brand that Japan boasts of the world < G – SHOCK ( G – shock)>, a different color collaboration watch that made a tag with McDonald ‘s (McDonald’s) , the world’ s largest unknown world appeared.

This year is the milestone for both companies, the year of year 208 is 35 years birth for <G – SHOCK> loved in various culture scenes, “McDonald’s” is the 50th anniversary of the symbolic hamburger ‘s Big Mac. For the base model of the collaboration watch, the classic DW – 6900 of the round face was chosen, and for the dial and the band, the buns and beef patties, cheese, lettuce etc etc were used as the design source, just the “big mac” graphic is set. For the letters and buttons of the bezel, adopt Yellow which is the symbol color of “McDonald’s”, and furthermore when the EL backlight turns on, the character of “BIG MAC” emerges. Illustration designing the Big Mac on the back cover as well as engraved marking the 50th anniversary, designing exclusive ones such as the package, unique, catchy and cool gem stuck to the design thoroughly up to every detail It is finished in.

This special collaboration model that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the birth of Big Mac which the fusion of the two companies merged at a high dimension starts selling at 1000 “Limited Edition” at ” Japan Macdonald Rakuten Market Store ” from 12 pm on Saturday, April 14 . The price is 14,900 yen (tax included) and purchase is 3 per person.