In a rapidly changing world, unchanged powerfulness.

A world of gadgets that develop and introduce new technologies everyday and evolve. With the exception of high-performance cameras, etc., in the era when many products are being replaced into new models in about one year’s cycle, there is no item called ” standard model “.

In the world of such gadgets, G-SHOCK ” DW – 5600 ” is a classic model that is loved over the times and borders, alongside fashion items such as Levi 501 and New Balance 1300 .

In 1987, ” DW – 5600 ” which inherited the DNA of the original G – SHOCK “DW – 5000” appeared . It was used in the movies in the 1990s, and it was also the model that triggered the first boom of G – SHOCK. What is special about this watch keeping being loved even now with many minor changes repeatedly?

Witnessing the G-SHOCK boom and revival as former GoodsPress, BestGear editor-in-chief, I have asked Mr. Atsushi Hasebe who is currently a supervisor of Men’s Fashion & Culture Media ‘ Mastered ‘, that secret.