As for the clothing style, egg head also think that many old goods are likely to return again.
Like I like music, I like mixed, balanced feeling.My personal like Snapback, Dickies, G-SHOCK, I feel that these things will still be burned again, and may be fast, but of course no way It’s fun to wear something like it used to be, so it’s fun. ”

” To be honest, I’m actually not Care brand, I wear clothes and accessories are all good, Of course, I attach the most importance or uniqueness, may be the relationship between personality, I really do not want to be like you.West like Yokosuka popular jacket, in fact, I have long ago, but last time I did not For no reason, just do not want to be the same with everyone. “In fact,” Old School Elements Reengineering “was very popular in the past couple of years and many brands in Taiwan are moving in this direction. “I also have to mention here that my good friend Saru’s brand, WEED CLOTHING, is very cool and they have played a great variety of popular elements. I really like to share something new with him, except I have a He seems to know the feeling of the early, ha ha. “Saru Always know what’s up!”