Meet the 2019 arrival of the Year of the Pig Chinese New Year, the CASIO G – SHOCK particularly well-known tattoos units in Taiwan and Justice Ink justice tattoos cooperation, inviting its highly popular tattoos staff person Kubrick (doll) selection of classic DW-5600 as the base, itself an unmistakable identification The floral and animal bone techniques are injected into the body. The doll joked that when the Japanese invited the design of the design for the Year of the Pig, the idea of ​​porpoise ramen was once thought. Later, after many discussions, the mountain pig represented by the Japanese pig year was completed and the G-SHOCK was used. The characteristics are inconsistent, the lower strap has a symbol of rich and auspicious peony, to celebrate the New Year, and the back of the watch is printed with the silhouette of the wild boar, with the outer packaging of the blue peony design, the overall design fully echoes the Year of the Pig Theme of. The watch function maintains the G-SHOCK’s existing impact – resistant construction, waterproof 200 meters and other complete designs, and provides a variety of functions such as chronograph, countdown, alarm and so on.

The size of the DW-5600MWTNY is not only suitable for men and women, but also suitable for all kinds of clothing. This model is limited to 95 pieces , and CASIO official store, YAHOO Super Mall and PChome store will be on February 2 Sold at 0:00, interested readers must check!

Finally, I think of the tattoo color that used to focus on the black and white binary. The doll has gradually moved towards the color composition in the near future. Now it can be said that the flaming degree is hard to find, and the tiger is still a little itchy.