Presenting our limited edition DW-5600MW-7ER in collaboration with renowned UK artist INSA.

An innovative artist of our generation, our brand values align perfectly with INSA’s. His history with, and affection for, our brand is clear for anyone to see.

We are proud to have his iconic ‘high heels fetish’ print in pink, black and white decorate our classic DW-5600 watch, the result is an outstanding commemorative piece for INSA’s 15 year ‘Graffiti Fetish’ anniversary.

Usual G-SHOCK watch features: shock resistance, reliability, durability, 200m water resistance, flash and buzzer alert for alarms set and an EL backlight that illuminates the digital display, all included as standard.

Launching 19th July 2019, and with less than 200 pieces made, click NOTIFY ME to ensure you get an email alert as soon as the product is available to buy.


Flashback to 2004, rejecting the traditional graffiti letters and style that had raised him – INSA started painting the now instantly recognisable bright pink High Heel shoe everywhere he travelled.

‘Graffiti Fetish’ went on to cover such coveted items such as luxury cars, buildings – from whole city blocks in LA to shacks in Africa, playing with the idea of ownership and fetishism for the surface or object that was engulfed in the soon-to-be ubiquitous design. INSA was playing with the fetishisation of products in modern society. The paradoxical nature of this work questioned both his own position as an artist in a consumerist world and collective ideals in our society.

Now celebrating 15 years of ‘Graffiti Fetish’, the High Heel design is one standout example of INSA’s visual motifs that have questioned modernist and consumerist ideologies. In more recent years INSA has created ‘GIF-ITI’: a whole new genre of art, exploring avenues of AR and VR to constantly push the boundaries of how his artwork comes into being.