In the revival boom of the ’90s street style is followed, watch that the spotlight again, “G-SHOCK”. Of this watch announced by the “Casio” of Japan in the ’80s, is the first to jumped to be stout enough throw to the wall, it was the American soldiers. By professional to put in arms purchased in own pocket after another, you can seal of approval as a “real” was given. As a regular equipment, it was also adopted in the Navy special forces “Navy SEALs (Navy Seals)”.

Also say a field of roots that G-SHOCK is active, one that was full of military things of taste will be a new appearance each time this. Fashion brand, is limited collaboration products as “MIHARA YASUHIRO (Mihara Yasuhiro)”. Type that was based, by the leading role of Keanu Reeves in the movie “Speed” was wearing, suddenly the initial type known to the world, “DW-5600” series.


Best of all eye-catching, was not likely until now, is a stoic colors aligned in khaki. But outside those of khaki was also in the past, is the first time a similar color to the portion of the dial. Also the are omitted as much as possible some common brand logo on the collaboration thing, perhaps the cool design of the adult taste.

Another four crown buttons that is a silver in normal products, do not miss the point that has been changed to black. Wire guard and belt buckle also has become a matte black, taste of authentic military-oriented has been enhanced.

Price to be worried about, ¥ 21,600. In 2016 November 11 (Friday), will be a limited number sale at retail stores MIHARA YASUHIRO. Even love when you wear the army mono fashion in vogue good, also good wound in the arm as a “disconnect” in the navy blazer. People that easy-to-use say this watch is a concern, please get as soon as possible please! (Kazufumi Takahashi)