Lloyd’s popular in chocolate-based sweets, in July 2018 the founding 35th anniversary. Various campaigns commemorating it continued, and “G-SHOCK Lloyd’s 35th anniversary commemorative original model” collaborated with Casio’s anti impact watch “G – SHOCK” was added.

The base model is “DW – 5600E – 1”, it is a traditional square model of G – SHOCK. Based on the case with the black and the band, the face is Lloyd’s color of white and blue. In addition to the logo of “ROYCE ‘” on the face, the logo “ROYCE'” appears on the liquid crystal display when the backlight is lit. Also on the back side “ROYCE ’35th” logo is engraved.

By the way, G – SHOCK was born in 1983, it is the same year as the foundation of Lloyd’s. It is also a model to celebrate each other’s 35th anniversary.