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[Live Photos] G-Shock and Baby-G Love The Sea and The Earth 25th anniversary

In the lineup of G-SHOCK and BABY-G, the shock-resistant watches of Casio Computer, the 2019 edition “Ilkuji” with motifs of dolphins and whales has appeared. To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Irkuji model, 25 dolphins and whales in 25 species swim in the watch.

At Daikanyama Ashiya Shoten in Tokyo, we held the “Pray for the Sea” fair on the theme of the beauty of the sea. I report it with the event of the Irkuji 25th anniversary model.

“GF-8251K-7JR” which makes the skeleton material feel the freshness of summer is a base model based on the popular model “GF-8250 (Frogman)”. It is a full-fledged diver’s watch equipped with waterproof function for ISO standard 200m diving. If it is “Irouge of the frog”, it may not be an item for the G-SHOCK fan. (Frogman is also called a frog to be familiar with the fan).

If you look closely at the pattern of the band, it is actually 24 dolphins. The elegant design not too assertive is also likely to match the adult attire. When the backlight is turned on, the silhouette of the blue whale comes to light and it is also playful. In this silhouette, a total of 25 dolphins and whales. The price is 48,000 yen (all except tax).

Casio Computer has produced and collaborated with various environmental groups and collaboration models of G-SHOCK and BABY-G. Irkuji model is a model that supports “Eye Search Japan”, which is engaged in activities to convey the wonders of dolphins, whales and nature under the theme of Love The Sea And The Earth. The band is printed with the logo of I-Search Japan, and the back cover is engraved with the symbol of Love The Sea And The Earth.

In addition, “GW-6903K-7JR” based on GW- 6900 of G-SHOCK as “pair model” of Love The Sea And The Earth and “BGD-5001K based on BGD-5000 based on BABY-G The “-7 JR” was also released.

BABY-G is a pink coloring that is an image of a Shinau Iro dolphin, and when the backlight is turned on, a Shinau Iro dolphin appears. The price is 23,500 yen for G-SHOCK “GW-6903K” and 21,000 yen for BABY-G “BGD-5001K”. All three Irukuji models are equipped with a solar-powered tough solar (solar charging system).

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