Since the beginning of the 1990s, G-SHOCK and BABY-G have collaborated to create a special version of the collaboration. It also supports various environmental organizations. From 2018, G-SHOCK and BABY-G will collaborate and support the activities of AQUA PLANET, a not-for-profit organization working on coral reef rehabilitation. The new version is made from semi-transparent materials to give a glimpse of the world’s most beautiful oceans, including coral, fish, and other living creatures. G-SHOCK and BABY-G models are available in three sizes. Colors: blue ocean, translucent coral red (representing red coral, which some believe will stimulate blood flow), and coral white color. (Representing white corals, some of which are believed to have therapeutic properties and are supernatural.) The small needle at 9 o’clock is shaped to give a colorful cartoon fish. While the edge of the small face at 9 o’clock in this version of BABY-G is adorned with the color of cartoon fish as well. The severity of global warming and environmental problems. The increase in the past year has led to greater awareness of the organisms in the world. AQUA PLANET is an organization that performs various activities for the protection of the oceans. The goal is to restore the coral reef. Under the care of Raka Tanaka and actress Raka Tanaka is very fond of the sea at Okinawa, and she is also acting as Okinawa Ambassador Churashima, Ambassador to Kume Island, the coral ambassador of Ishigaki Island, and other positions. She is involved in the conservation and rehabilitation of the coral. Including the relocation of coral reefs on the Okinawa coast and cooperation activities on coral reefs at Ishigaki Island.