This model realizes the series minimum size both case width and thickness. EQB-900DB which applied the blue IP treatment to the bezel, and EQB-900D of the silver bezel were newly launched. In addition, index · indial adopts a powerful presence design. I made it as a bold design that does not impair power while minimizing series.
On the function side, LED light was newly installed at the dial 6 – 7 o’clock position, ensuring the visibility of the day and night irreplaceable clock. Also equipped with automatic time adjustment that automatically updates daylight saving time and time zone information via smartphone 4 times a day, and world time setting function that can display by tapping from about 300 cities on the application. The accuracy is further improved by the time acquisition system “Accurate Time System” * 2 . By accessing a time server that provides time information on the Internet, it collates it with its own database, thereby extracting the time zone information and daylight saving time information on the current location and acquiring the highly accurate time. Tick ​​the exact time everywhere in the world. In addition, these various functions can be used safely without to periodically replace batteries with tough solar.
It is the appearance of a new chronograph model that realized advanced functionality, practicality and series minimum size.