This model was born to reflect the feedback of information from the pro racing team in order to develop a high performance chronograph that meets the demands of professionals.
First of all, in order to respond to their needs on the functional side, in collaboration with smartphones via Bluetooth®, newly equipped “target time indicator” that can intuitively grasp and manage the result for the target lap time. This function is the function of transferring the fastest lap value acquired by watch operation and the lap time set by the smartphone to the watch and comparing the time difference between the watch side (hand movement and sound) and the smartphone side. This allows you to measure not only the result of the measurement time but also the timing at which the racing car comes back on a vast circuit that is difficult to understand.
Moreover, it can display by automatic time correction by the time acquisition system “Accurate Time System” * 2 which automatically updates daylight saving time and time zone information via smartphone 4 times a day, and tapping from about 300 cities on the application World time setting function is also installed. Tick ​​the exact time everywhere in the world. These various functions can be used safely without to charge with cable or periodically replace batteries with tough solar. <A I = 8> In addition, the design surface is thick, powerful index, in-dial with presence exists realize high visibility. Even when instant judgment is necessary it is possible to read the time instantly. Also adopting a large 3-D retrograde needle for in-dial at 9 o’clock position. Display of 1/20 second unit of stopwatch, connection status with smartphone, remaining battery capacity etc are displayed. Also, at the time of mode switching, it was worth the pleasure of operating with the movement of the needle which imaged the tachometer when the car started the engine. Combining advanced functions with high designability and practicality, Bluetooth® is equipped with the appearance of the next generation chronograph.

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