Good smile hatsune miku AMG shined for the GT300 class champion at the final race of SUPER GT held on Twelve Ring Motegi on November 12.

CASIO EDIFICE (Edifice) which supports the person who uses the accurate time is shining brightly in the arm of that driver Nobu Taniguchi.

“Racer is a job to take care of time, Taniguchi who talks about the demand on watches,” I always want the sense of security where time is accurate. ”

“EDIFICE is naturally accurate in the country, but it is nice to have a place where it will automatically become local time when smartphone grabs the local time abroad.I have a lot of overseas work, so this kind of thing is very helpful,” EDIFICE It seems that the convenience of the smartphone link is also felt.

“As I am using EDIFICE, someone will ask how much that watch ?. Most people are surprised when they say the price.When considering the quality and function of appearance, the quality above that price is called” Taniguchi who acclaims cost performance, “everyone thinks.”