Casio Computer announced the new chronograph “RACE LAP CHRONOGRAPH EQB-800” (hereinafter EQB-800) with a design and function that is conscious of motor sports as a new product of the highly functional watch “EDIFICE”. Blue / silver / black are available in three colors. It will be released on August 10th. The suggested retail price is from 46,000 yen (excluding tax). EQB-800 was exhibited at “BASELWORLD 2017” in March 2017, and it was predicted that it will be released in Japan.

“EQB-800DB-1A” is equipped with a linked function “Smart Connect” function “Connected Engine”. By connecting to a time server via a smartphone, you can get accurate time around the world. Information on daylight saving time and time zones can also be updated automatically. Release is August 10, suggested retail price is 50,000 yen (excluding tax).

We have enhanced the function that is conscious of motor sports, and equipped with a target time indicator that can intuitively grasp the difference in lap time against the target time on the inward on the 12 o’clock side. On the 9 o’clock side in dial, a stopwatch of 1/20 second unit is installed.

To connect smart fonts, Bluetooth Low Energy standard with low power consumption is used. By using the exclusive application “CASIO WATCH +”, it is also possible to display a list of measured lap times and display a graph.

The design uses a car meter as a motif, adopting a three-dimensional retrograde needle. At the time of mode switching, the needle is raised and lowered to express the movement of the tachometer when the engine of the car is put on.

Bezel color is blue, band material is metal specification. The power source used is solar charge, continuous driving time is about 25 months. With waterproof performance of 10 atmospheres, the main body size is W 53.5 × D 13.1 × H 49.2 mm, weight is 199 g.

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