With a number of smart functions, solar charging and a perfect blend of modern Japanese technology, the Casio Edifice EQB-800 aims to be the perfect companion to the tech-savvy traveller of the day. We try one out to see how good a Jeeves it is to the Mr. Wooster of today.

Modern technology plays a huge role in our lives in this day and age, given how thoroughly and effectively it entwines our lives with the world around us. And, interestingly, it’s ever evolving. For instance, look at the humble telephone from half a century ago and its modern counterpart. A telephone was an instrument fixed to a certain spot in your home. Then came the cordless phone, allowing you the freedom to walk around in your house while talking on the phone. And now, we have smart phones – a palm-sized device capable of doing things that previously required a telephone, a computer, a camera, a video camera, a music player, and a few other devices that I can’t immediately think of. It basically makes the entire world accessible from the palm of your hand. That’s technology today, folks!

And what about the cars that we drive today? Modern hybrid technology in cars like the Honda Accord allows us to indulge in luxury while still being efficient and eco-friendly. The hybrid powertrain in the Accord can power the vehicle solely through electricity or in tandem with the engine. In a sense, you’re actually making electricity as you drive down the road.