Take the subway Jubilee Line at Waterloo Station and walk for a while, the Westminster Bridge over the Thames River appears. Before that you can see the big clock Big Ben. As you approach, you can see that this clock tower is majestic Gothic architecture. Big Ben is adjusted by three clockmen every day. The craftsmen seem to manage not only Big Ben, but also about 1500 watches inside the Westminster Palace next door. I do not think so, I connect EDIFICE to a smartphone. I adjusted the second hand finely.

After relaxing a bit on the river benches, I went back to the subway to meet friends at Soho’s cafe. The world’s first subway is the beginning of London’s Metropolitan Railway in 1863 153 years ago. It is said that it is named after the Metropolitan Railway ‘s “Metro” to call the subway “Metro” in various countries around the world. It is a daily routine that this historic subway stops. The subway stopped today as well. Change of sudden arrival home. But there are no angry people or confused people. People are turning, as is natural. In the reaction, “I feel at all times that the way people get together with the time of London is refined.”

In the last Tokyo, “Japanese arrived 10 minutes before the meeting”, wrote. Here in London there is a slightly different manner. It is a story that I asked my friends, but saying, “To meet, it is natural to go five minutes late.” When invited to someone’s home, it seems to think that “It is not always good to go earlier than promised.” It is a culture that respects the situation of the opponent. Whichever culture you choose, EDIFICE will tell you the time promised accurately.







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