“EQB-501DC-1AJF” which uses black IP for case and band, red with red color is 50,000 yen, 40,000 yen for “Blue IP bezel and blue dial” EQB-501 DB-2AJF ” 3,000 yen, the silver model “EQB-501D-1AJF” reminiscent of the initial type is 40,000 yen, the leather band “EQB-501L-1AJF” is 38,000, the release is May.

As the model number was changed from “500” to “501”, the corresponding smartphone was changed to the version base of the OS (conventionally, it is an individual model). In this EQB-501, it corresponds to iOS 10 or later and Android 6.0 or later. By the way, the EQB – 500 had automatic connection with the smartphone once a day, but the EQB – 501 makes an automatic connection four times a day.

In addition, the EQB-501 XDB and EQB-501 XD lineups have been updated with the basic design of the EQB-500 as it is, renewing the design of the speed indicator, and adding the tachymeter to the bezel.

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