On July 3, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced the “EQB-1000YD”, a new product of the high-performance metal watch “EDIFICE”, which achieved a thin case of 8.9 mm thickness. Launched on August 8, the price excluding tax is 45,000 yen.

EDIFICE is a metal watch based on the concept of “Speed ​​and Intelligence” and originally based on motor sports. The main feature of this EQB-1000YD is that the thickness of the case is reduced to 8.9 mm. It is 4.1 mm thinner than the EQB-800, which was the thinnest in the previous model.

As a metal watch for men, a case thickness of 8.9 mm would be a fairly thin class. It fits well on the sleeves of the shirt and is easy to use on time as it is designed.

The EQB-1000YD has a new “rastrap indicator”. When measuring the lap time, indicate the difference from the previous time to the in-dial within the range of “−5 seconds to +1 seconds”. In addition to the accuracy of the time required for motor sports, the company is also concerned with the enhancement of functions that can be used in races, such as stopwatch data transfer linked with smartphones and Bluetooth.

Around the face, the flat bezel is combined with the sharp lugs, giving a sense of movement to the slim form with a sense of sophistication. Electric power is photovoltaic power generation, and optimization of the shading distributed type solar panel has become possible to obtain a sufficient amount of power generation with the solar panel arranged only at the in dial part. This makes it possible to use a metal dial and has a fine hairline finish.

It also has a Bluetooth link function with a smartphone. Intuitively, it is possible to set and use functions such as world time of about 300 cities, time correction, and the above-mentioned stopwatch data transfer from the graphical screen of the smartphone application. The World Time function allows you to simultaneously display the time of the two set cities on the dial.