Casio’s Smart Outdoor Watch “PRO TREK Smart WSD-F20” is a smart watch for outdoor with Google’s Wear OS. The release date of the special specification model “WSD – F 20SC” was decided on June 8. 700 people worldwide, the price in Japan is 100,000 yen without tax.

The feature of WSD-F20SC is that it adopted the “field composite band” for the band. The field composite band is made of urethane, fine resin, metal material, excellent in durability, mountability, texture.

The part other than the band is also a fine specification. The windshield is antifouling coating sapphire glass, ensuring visibility even in outdoor scenes. In addition, buttons and screws are subjected to IP treatment that increases abrasion resistance, and it is a color scheme that imagines the fearlessness of black and gold.

The functional aspect is equivalent to the regular model WSD-F20. You can use applications for Wear OS, and also work with smartphones (Bluetooth connection). Built-in GPS with low power consumption, color map and position information can be used only with WSD-F20SC.