To everyone who challenges the limit in every field, from harsh snowy mountains and seas to sometimes dangerous streets. COOL STREET GEAR “G’z EYE” was born, expanding the field of visual communication activities. Scheduled to be released on 27th October 2017.

They pursued “strength” required in the world of street and extreme thoroughly. They developed their own reinforced structure inspired by G-SHOCK, and respond to harsh environments, limit situations, hard movements. Anytime, anywhere, any scene, it is a product that can be used without doubt about being broken.

Assuming use in a scene with landing from high altitude or heavy crash / fall, achieving shock resistance to withstand dropping and impact.

[Waterproof water depth 50 m] Endure violent waves

Even with sudden rain, it can be used without worrying in water. It adopts its own high airtight structure which does not flood even if it receives shock of intense wave. Also record the brave appearance of the surf ride firmly.

[Dustproof IP 6X ] Do not worry about dirt

Shut out sand / dust with its own dustproof structure. Responding to use in a hard environment, washable if dirty.

[Low temperature resistance – 10 ℃ * 4 ] Do not defeat the cold

It corresponds to operation in a low temperature environment of -10 ° C. Usable in slopes and backcountry etc.

Cooperate with Smartphone or Casio Smartwatch with Bluetooth

From shooting to playback, up to SNS, and even various settings, all the operations are summarized in the application. With familiar smartphone you can manipulate G’z EYE as you want. Smart Outdoor Watch You can control the camera remotely in cooperation with “WSD – F20 / F10”. You can shoot still images and movies at hand and play back.

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