The PRO TREK WSD-F20WE is a limited-edition color model of the award-winning WSD-F20 series, featuring white as a base color to provide an accent to colorful outerwear. This new color scheme is inspired by the color of crystalline fluorite, which is sometimes used as a raw material in outdoor wear. The white color features a clear-coat to give a deep multi-layer finish with crystalline-like depth. Casio is also releasing a new watch dial called “Journey” that makes travel even more fun. “Journey” shows a map of the current location in the background of the analog-style watch display. When users save events with locations to Google Calendar, the watch displays up to three upcoming events and a map of the next scheduled destination. Users can save destinations beforehand from an itinerary, such as outdoor destinations or sightseeing spots, so that they always have a view of the next destination. “Journey” can also be installed on the WSD-F20/F20S/F20X models.