The G-SHOCK “MASTER OF G” series is developed for land, sea, air, extreme functions and performance required by each professional, and toughness. Along with “GRAVITYMASTER” (Gravity Master) of “Sky” and “GULFMASTER” (Gulf Master) of “Sea”, “MUDMASTER” (Mad Master) demonstrates outstanding performance on “Land”.

In July 2019, the latest work ” GG-B100 ” appeared. Then, of course, you have to go to hear the development secret story. The news gathering team enthusiastically boarded the Ome Line and headed for the Casio Computer Hamura Technology Center.

This function and the carbon core guard structure model are at this price
Before getting into the main topic, let me briefly touch on the product by example.

MUDMASTER “GG-B100” adopts the latest shock-resistant structure “ Carbon Core Guard Structure ” of G-SHOCK . The center case made of special reinforced resin (hereinafter referred to as carbon resin) kneaded with carbon fiber and the mud resist “Mad Resist” optimized and renewed for this are the main features. In addition, it is equipped with a “quad sensor” that adds a step tracker to a triple sensor that can measure azimuth, pressure, altitude, and temperature.

Although the power supply is a non-solar battery type, it is equipped with a mobile link function that connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. In addition to being able to get the correct time automatically using the smartphone app “G-SHOCK Connected”, there are also new features that greatly improve usability. The color of the main model is khaki, and three other colors, black and orange, are available, and the price is 45,000 yen (excluding tax).

Based on the above, let’s hear the story immediately. This time, Mr. Kazuhito Ushiyama, who was in charge of product planning for GG-B100, Mr. Iiichiro Hashimoto, who was in charge of design, and Mr. Takumi Yasuda, who was in charge of design.

“The GG-B100 is a product developed with the desire to have more people around the world use G-SHOCK with a carbon core guard structure, ” says Ushiyama, product manager. “So we put a lot of effort into development,” he said.

Mr. Ushiyama “The GRAVITYMASTER GWR-B1000, which was released as a pioneer of the carbon core guard structure, is equipped with a radio link solar mobile link and the price is 90,000 yen (excluding tax). This is the G-SHOCK brand mainly in Japan It was a product for the area that is nurtured.

Then, when thinking about what to do next, I would like more people to use the carbon core guard structure globally. So, in the MASTER OF G series, we decided to develop MUDMASTER, which is popular overseas, at a price that is easy to pick up. ”

The GWR-B1000 has a novel design (as G-SHOCK) that doesn’t have a bumper that protects the buttons and the LCD, and the rigidity of the carbon core guard is clearly understood. However, this GG-B100 is a G-SHOCK traditional rugged design. The designer, Mr. Hashimoto, explains as follows.

Mr. Hashimoto “This was a very difficult place to judge. I wanted to make a design that would allow us to see the new technology of carbon core guards. ”

Design is a message that can be spoken of
Mr. Hashimoto: Until now, Casio has designed electronic musical instruments, digital cameras, etc. from calculators. One of the things we have come to understand is that there are surprisingly many parts that cannot be changed. This is especially true for professional tools.

For example, a calculator. A model that is really used in practice can change the usability completely by changing the key layout a little. Professional users have a strong commitment to tools, and the inclination of buttons and dents on the surface are soaked into the body. MUDMASTER is close to this. How to put in the DNA of the carbon core guard while taking over the “MUDMASTER-likeness”. That was the challenge.

It is also important to have a surprising design unlike G-SHOCK like GWR-B1000. However, especially in countries where G-SHOCK has not yet penetrated, it is also important to have a model that can tell what kind of watch it is. It ’s a message that does n’t require words to explain. THE G-SHOCK! (Laughs) ”

Certainly, MUDMASTER GG-B100 can understand the watch character at a glance. Is the actual civil engineering equipment used as a reference for the design?

Mr. Hashimoto “I use it as a reference for dividing parts and cutting angles. I ride a motorcycle, but I also get hints from tools around it, such as impact drivers.

There are parts that can be understood only by using these tools. Oh, so here’s a dent! And. The feeling of soaking into your hand at the moment you hold it. That is especially important. ”

In fact, the GWR-B1000 is also designed by Hashimoto. But how many people are aware that these two, which seem to have the opposite impressions, seem to be the same designer’s hands?

Ushiyama: And there are customers who say that G-SHOCK must be this (a design that emphasizes toughness), so we want to respond to that voice. From low to high prices, from simple to rugged designs. The material is urethane From G to SHOCK is a strength of G-SHOCK.