Mizuki Haruta is a brand producer and model currently living in Korea. She became interested in K-Pop while at high school, and learned Korean by herself. After spending six month studying in Korea, she eventually moved there in 2015. Mizuki also works as an interpreter and translator for Korean artists and models, as well as editing and writing. Her familiarity with Korean beauty culture and trends has also led her to be a coordinator on Korean specials in women’s fashion magazines such as GLITTER. She is a blogger for NYLON and was one of the original cast of the Japanese TV program TERRACE HOUSE OPENING NEW DOORS.

Mizuki is a producer of, and also models for Bemuse Intimates, a brand for women’s underwear and body creams.
As part of the new generation of millennial icons, Mizuki sits proudly astride the cultures of Japan and Korea.

Since I wear many different hats apart from my brand work, I need to keep up to date with the latest info in many areas, as well as keep my own point of view fresh and authentic. Calmness and objectivity are my watchwords.