The Casio Computer’s watch anti-shock watch “BABY-G” for women will be 25th anniversary of release in 2019. This time, a collaboration model with Itokin ‘s fashion brand “Jocomomola (Hokomorimora)” that will also come back on its 25th anniversary appears.

On January 25 release, the price is 14,800 yen (excluding tax). We deal with Itokin online store and Hokomo Mora directly managed store · in shop.

BABY-G was born as a sister of Casio’s shock watch “G-SHOCK”. Small swing design easy to wear on the wrist of a woman, coloring, fashionability and other popular reviews have become standard watches. One hokokomora is a popular brand with a colorful and humorous design.

This collaboration model (GGYTG – 25148) is a special watch that blends BABY – G and Hokomoromora ‘s view of the world. From Hokkomora ‘s 2019 Spring image motif, we chose the tweeting birds in nature, flowers and plants blooming lively and expressing it colorfully like a hokkomomora.