I decided not to regret at elementary school. I do not regret because I try not to fail anything. I think I can do a little more, I will only make use of what I think next.

High School
High school life is short so I want you to take care of every day. I want you to feel as thoughtful that you think that it was a club activity as a member of high school.

As expected, it is important for the team to respect each other. I do not care about club activities in club activities, I will discuss and compliment what I want to say. Would it be nice to “flush” well if there is a dispute, “frustration” someone’s frustration is a trick,

It is important to arrange the motivation of the members, it is very difficult. I do not think that motivation will rise even if it is severely suppressed, I think that it is better to go to bear in a direction that makes you happy!

If you want to speed up remembering, when you see a choreographer you should grasp it as a whole. Before you check each one in detail, it is to grasp the entire silhouette.

I thought that I had no individuality about myself. I did not care especially because I came from various genres. But on the contrary, it is a type that is stained for anything, is it my personality? Individuality is not one color, I think that individuality is also stained with various colors.

As I was dancing, I became interested in various things. Especially color, video and sound. In my recent work, speaking and acting have become more common. I think that various sense and expression method will be polished by doing the dance, so please also take advantage of the present experience to the future!

It is fun to choose a clock to suit your clothes! On the other hand, there are times when you choose clothes at the main clock. When I’m dancing I always keep my watch on and I check the time with my clothes during the lesson and I am stepping forward with tension!