The magazine “HB Hummingbirds” reports a three-day sports enjoyment while sucking luxury resort hotels and Balinese nature.
MULIA to develop THE MULIA · MULIA RESORT & VILLAS in a vast area in Bali / Nusa Dua area. HB Girl will be dressed in BABY-G’s new model in a luxurious resort hotel facility that can only be tasted with Nice view, warm climate and MULIA unique to Bali unique sea.

Radio solar model BGA-2500 of the beach / traveler series with the theme of “summer beach”. The moment BABY-G shining with sparkling glittering clothes in a pink with shells motif in the sunshine pouring brightly in Bali. Watch that the trip, beach, summer lovers Girls would like to take on a trip is nothing more than this already?

The watch to go on a journey is nice after all as sturdy. In addition, it is indispensable to be waterproof if you enjoy it on the beach or the pool. It would be even more convenient if traveling overseas had radio solar function and world time function. Such functions are also important, but I want you to match also with the fashion at the destination.

This BABY-G “beach · Travelerer series” that will make such a greedy girl’s wish come true.
If you spend a journey together, when you come back and you can arrive, the memories of the trip will definitely revive.