Introducing BABY-G, which is perfect for students who are working hard for all their school life.

“BABY-G at your fingertips”
-Recommended for exams and tests
Daily classes, examinations for regular examinations, and actual exams. Students are busy.
If you have your favorite watch, you can work harder every time you look at it.
A watch with a radio solar function automatically corrects the time, so the correct time is displayed during the test.
The clock is stopped in the morning of the test because it has a solar charging system that can be charged with fluorescent light! Don’t panic.

“BABY-G as an accessory”
-Updated uniforms for the new semester-
A large watch with a glittery face is added to the worn uniform for a sense of access.
A unique watch with the same uniform as everyone else.
A model with a big case and an impact.
The perfect design for an active girl who can play fashionably.