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[Live Photos] Baby-G BGA-1100TRB-1B and Mayumura Chiaki

New sensation fashion & culture magazine “Maybe!” Is a very popular interview plan to listen to the story of female creators who are watching it .
Longing creators will appear with their favorite BABY-G and will talk about past, present and future production activities!

Born in 1996. I am from Tokyo. In 2016, he started activities in full swing as a “play and talk truck maker idol”. In addition to high singing ability, humorous sampling and track making techniques are also attracting attention. The corner project “Snack Chimura Chiaki”, which bears his own name in TV Tokyo “God Tan”, has been well received, and the affiliation to the TOY’S FACTORY major label is decided. The major 1st album “Mejameja Monja” is released on May 7.

I loved to like songs and expressions since I was a child, but I didn’t particularly want to work in the future. But when I was going to graduate from high school, suddenly I had the option of going to a nursing school or becoming a BoA within me (laughs). I felt like I was pressed by myself. So I finally went to a music vocational school. I wanted to be a dance vocalist because I liked BoA since I was a child, but I was completely different. I still have a desire to follow the back dancer behind me (laughs). After all because it is cool! There is a flower, there is a force that can not be alone.

When I was in vocational school, I participated in the idol group and was active with three people. Then I started to work in solo, but now I want to have a momentum that can not be buried in other idols and singers. I thought that I would do something that would surprise everyone, as I did ordinary things, and I created my own company, “Not a Company, Inc.”. This year, I will be making a major debut from Toys Factory, but the company will continue from now on. As a representative director (laughs)

Today’s clothes are curry T-shirts given to fans. I like funny clothes, so I like the watch to be basic. This is black and seemingly mature, but pastel colors are sprinkled if you look closely, and you like cuteness like a toy.

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