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How to set alarm on G-Shock GLS-5600 / Casio 3178

Before using this guide, we recommend:

All settings are clearly explained and understandable.

1. In the Alarm Mode, use D to scroll through the alarm screens until the one whose time you want to set is displayed.

  • To set a one-time alarm, display an alarm screen AL1, AL2, AL3, or AL4. To set the snooze alarm, display the SNZ screen.
    The snooze alarm repeats every five minutes.

2. After you select an alarm, hold down A until the hour setting of the alarm time starts to flash, which indicates the setting screen.

  • This operation turns on the alarm automatically.

3. Press C to move the flashing in the sequence shown below to select other settings.

4. While a setting is flashing, use D and B to change it as described below.

5. Press A to exit the setting screen.

Alarm Operation

The alarm tone sounds at the preset time for 20 seconds, regardless of the mode the
watch is in. In the case of the snooze alarm, the alarm operation is performed a total
of seven times, every five minutes, until you turn the alarm off.

  • Alarm and Hourly Time Signal operations are performed in accordance with the Timekeeping Mode time.
    To stop the alarm tone after it starts to sound, press any button.
    Performing any one of the following operations during a 5-minute interval between
    snooze alarms cancels the current snooze alarm operation.

To test the alarm

In the Alarm Mode, hold down D to sound the alarm.

To turn an alarm on and off

1. In the Alarm Mode, use D to select an alarm.

2. Press A to toggle it on and off.

  • Turning on a alarm (SNZ, AL1, AL2, AL3, or AL4) displays the alarm on indicator on its Alarm Mode
  • In all modes, the alarm on indicator is shown for any alarm that is currently turned on.
  • The alarm on indicator flashes while the alarm is sounding.
  • The snooze alarm indicator flashes while the snooze alarm is sounding and during the 5-minute intervals between alarms.
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