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How to set alarm on Edifice EFR-550 Casio 5406-1

1. In the Alarm Mode, pull out the crown to the fi rst click.

2. Use A to select the Alarm City.

  • Each press of A advances to the next city.
  • To set an alarm based on your Home Time (indicated by the 1 Hour Hand and 2 Minute Hand), select your Home City  as the Alarm City. To set an alarm based on your World Time (indicated by the 4 Small Hour Hand and 5 Small Minute Hand), select your World Time City as the Alarm City.
  • See the city list on page E-19.
  • While summer time is in effect in the desired time zone, change to the time zone whose time is one hour ahead.

Example: If you are setting an alarm for the NEW YORK (Offset: –5) time zone and summer time is in effect there, change to the SANTIAGO (Offset: –4) time zone to have the alarm sound at the correct time.

3. Use B to set the 4 Small Hour Hand and 5 Small Minute Hand to the desired alarm time.

  • Holding down B will move the hands at high speed.

4. Push the crown back in.

  • The alarm always works based on the time kept by the watch.

To turn the alarm on or off

In the Alarm Mode, press A to toggle the alarm between on and off. The 6 Lower Dial Hand will indicate the current ON/OFF setting.

To stop the alarm

Press any button.

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